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Description: Winged Servants of the Gods, Seraphim are a holy class dedicated to law and order. They seek to destroy evil through an means necessary, with justice prevailing above all. They also seek to protect the weak and innocent.

Alignment: Typically any good alignment, rarely neutral good

I have table of BAB, FS, RS, and WS. Mainly follows inquisitors with the ability to get a 4th attack at level 19

Restriction: All seraph must follow a good god or goddess
Skill Ranks: 5+int modifier
Class Skills: Craft, Diplomacy, Fly, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana, History,Planes, Religion), Perception, Spellcraft. Sense Motive, Use Magic Device


At will: Detect Good and Evil

Flight: At first level, the Seraph can fly at a speed of 30 ft, increasing to 60 ft at level 9 and 90 ft at level 15. These blessed white wings incur a -5 penalty on disguise checks.

Combat Prowess: At level 3, the Seraph can choose an additional combat feat, as well as another at level 9.

Domain Spells: At fifth level the Seraph can cast level 2 spells from their deity’s domain, this increases to level 5 spells at level 11, 7 at 15, 9 at 18.

Smite: At level 7, for times per day equal to 1/2 her level, the Seraph can add 4d6 to the weapon damage roll. This bonus increases to 8d6 at level 14. This is doubled against creatures of the demon subtype.

Divine Favor: At level 9 the Seraph is blessed by her goddess, gaining a +1 attack bonus on all attack rolls, +5 against creatures of the demon subtype. This doubles at level 13.

Elysium: At level 11, the Seraph can open a portal to Elysium. She is bonded by an invisible force to this portal and can only spend 1 hr per 1/2 level in Elysium per day. Non Seraphim cannot cross through this portal.

Support: At level 15 the Seraph can cast Banishment or Music of the Spheres up to 3 times per day, these instances are cumulative

Summon Herald: At level 17 the Seraph can summon a divine herald of her alignment (good), for rounds per day equal to her level. The seraph can dismiss this herald at will. -

Divine Incarnate: At level 20 the Seraph becomes a true avatar of her god. Her eyes begin to glow and she radiates light. She incurs a -20 penalty on disguise checks. She gets a +5 bonus to attack rolls and saving throws, doubling to +10 against creatures of the demon subtype. 3 times per day she can cast Celestial Barrage, causing holy light to rain down in a 10ft area, dealing 30d8 in a 10 foot area. Demons in this area must make a fortitude save of 10 + 1/2 level + int modifier or be slain instantly. You no longer age, are immune to fear and gain DR/20 vs demons.

Exclusive Feats (Can add more if needed)
Improved Smite- add 4d6 to smite
Master Smite- add 6d6 to smite

Racial Bonus (Can add more if needed)
Drow: Use Smite twice more per day


SwilliamX Belokurov

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