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How a Drow became a Seraph

Basically I wrote how a Drow became a Seraph, as well as his ultimate goal.

Drovic was a Drow, a male Drow, and like most male Drow he was looked down upon by most female Drow who viewed him as inferior. He was constantly beaten by most female Drow, and reminded of his place in Drow society. He went to the academy for combat training like most male Drow, and nothing differentiated him from the rest of the Drow. Also, like all Drow, he worshipped a demon lord. In this case he worshipped Lolth, the demon lord of spiders. He went through training and became proficient in most weapons. He had a particular fondness for the rapier, and learned to dual wield rapiers very efficiently. He also learned cruelness and ambition, the trademarks of Drow culture. He killed his first rival at age 30.

Despite all this cruelty, there was one bright spot in his life. His sister Baenre. She personally did not place much thought into Drow practices. She never beat him, never looked down upon Drovic, and made sure Drovic never went down to deep into true Drow culture. She taught him the value of caring and compassion, all of this privately of course. In public her and Drovic put on a facade. following Drow tradition established millenia ago.

One day however, Drovic and Baenra were exploring the Underdark, having being sent there by their Matron on a scouting mission. It was there, exploring the furthest reaches of the Underdark, that they found an abandoned building. Exploring that building, they found teachings of the most heathen, at least to them. It was teachings of the Goddess Sarenrae that revealed that, hundreds of years ago, there lived a group of Drow that worshipped her. Drovic and Baenra continually returned to these teachings every week, fascinated by them. They greatly believed the culture of peace these Drow followed was vastly superior to the current one.

Finally, after a few months of studying these teachings, one of Drovic’s other sisters, Kalista, followed them, having been instructed to do so by the Matron who was growing suspicious of their activities. After Drovic and Baenra walked into the building, Kalista walked in and confronted them. It was then that as a bronze angelic beauty, with golden hair composed of flowing flame manifested. Kalista was slain instantly, and Drovic and Baenra were stricken with fear.
The avatar spoke “You two have potential. I have followed your progress and I believe you are ready. If you two are willing to forsake the Drow culture of cruelty and follow a path of compassion, you two shall become my first Seraphim. I will transport you to the entrance of the Underdark, empower you, and you two shall preach and fight in my name.”

Drovic and Baenra conversed, then kneeled before the Goddess and accepted her offer. A fiery golden light surrounded them, and they were transported to the entrance of the Underdark. They had white wings and were given new, holy weapons. Drovic his preferred rapiers. and Baenra her staff. Fearing retribution from their family, the two hastily left. After a few days, barely taking enough time to get used to their new powers and abilities as well as the new land, they were confronted by a servant of Lolth sent by their old family.

The two fought the demon, but it proved too strong. Baenra told Drovic to fly, and that she would soon follow. Drovic obliged.

Drovic later returned to find the corpse of the demon, but no Baenra.
It is now Drovic’s ultimate goal to find Baenra to continue their crusade together, for the Goddess Sarenrae.


SwilliamX Belokurov

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