Demon Hunter, Hell Inhabitant, Chaotic Connoisseur, Pussy Wizard


Nyter is a human male, 26 years of age. His hair is white and medium-long length, while his eyes are golden. He is lean, not too muscular, but is quite nimble and carries his father’s hunting knife along his back. He always wears slim pants with a button-down shirt.


Nyter is all-too familiar with Hell and its recesses, most commonly the Abyss itself. Nyter has gained quite the reputation in both Hell and the Abyss, for he truly seeks out the destruction of demon-kind and the sin they spawn from. Nyer is not a lawful man by any means, but he will always stand true as a demon-hunter, and would never carelessly murder a mortal. The only thing Nyter is really interested in killing is demons; not to mention potential demons, such as erratic murdering psychopaths and demonic-worshiping cultists.

Nyter received his true memories after the death of the The Archiver. It seems The Archiver gave him false memories as a lowly hunter, when in actuality, Nyter is a fearsome demon hunter. Nyter’s heritage is unknown even to himself, as his father left with only a memento: his knife. Meanwhile Nyter’s mother abused alcohol and left Nyter to die alone while he was 8 years old. This sinful atrocity is what sparked Nyter’s hatred for human sin and the demon spawn that is born from it. Nyter’s true goals are simple: Obtain Demonbrandt and Soulbrandt, thus forming the Northern Regalia, and defeat the demon-goddess Lamashtu. That is his only mission.


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